i was driving a 95, yes i said 95, protege lx 1.5l dohc w/ 240k mi. till i decided i would change the crankshaft seal on the front of the engine.... the lil mazda an i were engaged to become as 1 soon as i was done w/the seal change ah that was 5 long days ago. seal change went smooth , BUT , got it all back together and she refused to start. let me start over smooth doesnt quite say it. while i was taking the timing belt off , the tool holding the camshaft in place came flying off !! ok, here is the begining of my problem, thought it was no big deal at the time...lil did i know... it was the whole problem. being fairly decent at mechanics , i set the camshaft on the factory timing marks aligned the crankshaft sprocket the only place it can be to my knowledge arrow in the groove or keyway is right below the groove. all together and turns over w/fire but no starting of the lil 1.5. so i try and try and try. nothing so thats my problem ....set timing belt this way ....found tdc on no.1 cyl. aligned the sprockets on their respective marks installed the belt checking timing marks as i went nothing moved . still wont start ....what have i done... afraid i have killed my best friend. got the car with 80k mi. on it . 1 owner and im no.2. so 160k mi. ....yes im attached u might say. can someone here tell me step by step how to get it right? i sure hope so or tell the gravedigger he might as well dig two ..lol