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Thread: Manual 5 speed transmission input shaft bearing size question

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    Manual 5 speed transmission input shaft bearing size question

    Ok, kind of at my wits end here with a transmission rebuild. My car is a 1994 Ford Escort (yes i know this a Mazda forum) similar to 323. It has the 1.9L engine and 5 speed manual transmission. Tranny would not shift into 3rd or 4th gear, so I pulled it out and have it disassembled. Found that two syncho rings were actually broken with the brass bits scattered in the transmission.

    Went to order a rebuild kit and in trying to identify what kit to buy, I ran into a problem. Online sources indicate that the tranny is an F25M-R (maybe same as M5TX). In studying the Mazda rebuild guide PDF and other online rebuild pics, it does appear to be that transmission. However, all sources indicate that it should have either a 25.4mm input shaft bearing for an older trans OR a 24.9mm input shaft bearing for a newer trans.

    I thought ok, no problem, I've got the tranny apart, I'll just go measure the input shaft and know which kit to order. Well, here's the problem my input shaft doesn't measure to either dimension. Not even close. I am using a dial indicator for measuring and admittedly it is not calibrated in millimeters, so I am measuring in hundredths of an inch and then converting to mm but still... My input shaft (the bearing is still on the shaft so I am measuring right beside that spot where the bearing sits) measures 0.95 in (approx 24.13 mm)...nowhere close to 24.9mm or 25.4mm.

    I can find no sources with this dimension for an input shaft bearing. I'm hoping someone might have some info about this? Maybe I am measuring at the wrong place? Should I press the bearing off and measure it? The bearing I am talking about is the first bearing on the splined input shaft. Is that correct?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Try It's a much better bank of info for BG-chassis vehicles. You'll probably get more help there.
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    Go to the dealer with the VIN and ask them to tell you what you need to buy, Then Buy It There.

    OEM parts are actually the only thing that you should put on IMO, I have tried aftermarket seals and parts. They are shit quality compared to OEM which is why they are cheap.

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