Have a 2005 Mazda 6s, 3.0L with 125,000 miles… Suddenly the fan is louder than ever. Dealer stated it was changed before purchase and I recently changed it due to some searching on the web. It seemed to be normal but still:

<> When AC is running the fan will run loud. If it normally was at 60 it is now on 100. Both fans are spinning

<> When AC is running and the fan is loud. I can turn the AC OFF and the fan EVER kicks back down. NOW, If I drive the car for a few straight miles, it will come down back to normal sound. Again, AC has been turned off. If AC running stay LOUD runs hard

<> Another test in the garage with AC off and letting engine get hot, the fans (both) will turn on but they run at 40 very low, soft cannot be heard for a spell and then turn off. If I turn the AC ON for a min and then turn off, they get loud and stay loud, hard…remember a min prior they were very low & soft

<> When fan is running loud, it continues to run when the car is turned off for a small spell of time. It NEVER did this before when car was turned off

Help..? Is this the new NORMAL? Or, is there some temperate senor that needs to be changed, something?