Hello, my first post.

Found a MS Protege that the current owner got screwed on by a shop. They swapped out the motor with a NA 2.0, and the original motor and ECM "disappeared." He's got a NA ECM on the way. NO MSP ECM's are currently on ebay. He's got the turbo setup except for the ECM and actual turbo.

Is there a way that the NA ECM can work well with the turbo motor? Is there an aftermarket engine management system that would work, either with the NA ECM, or in place of the ECM? I live in the Atlanta area, we have emission checks here, a "pass" is required to register the car, every year, so that may be a complicating factor.

Oh, and BTW, the VALUE of the MSP seems to have nose-dived. My Protege5 appears to have a higher value. I'm guessing it's because of the weak bottom end in the MSP, which seem to go "BOOM" with regularity.