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So I may be at a cross road with my protege. There is no doubt I love the thing to death. But we all know its not going to last forever. The nail in the coffin of course is the salt we get in the winters. Rust gets everywhere and it makes working on the car hard, and a major PITA. Another issue is that the car I have is an autotragic.

The problem I have is, what to do with it. I would love to drive it until the very end and odds are I am going to drive it to the very end. But where does the modding stop. In the fall i got rear ended and was under 1k from getting written off. All the money I spent on the car would have just gone down the drain. As time goes on, the car will just lose more value. Who knows, the next jackass that hits me might write-off the car completely.

Plans for the car? I would have loved to go turbo and all, but I have pretty much thrown that idea out the window. Even with a turbo the protege is not a fast car; nor is it a quick car. But it is a great all around car. My focus on the car has been suspension, as I am now auto-xing the car.

So my decision comes to what I am going to do in the spring. Keeping in mind that this is my daily driver. I am going to install the MSP front sway bar, medieval motor mounts, and my custom reinforced BC racing lower strut mounts for the rear. I have those parts, and they need to go on.

What I want to do is the megan/hardrace rear lateral arms, gt-spec/hardrace lateral links, gt-spec reinforcement panel & v-bars, gt-spec ladder bar and 15x8 6ULs w/ Toyo R888's.

On the one hand it doesn't seem to be many parts to install. But on the other hand, the car isnt worth as much. And trying to sell parts off later on is going to be tough as the protege is losing steam (as sad as it is).

I could just get the 6ULs and tires, and be done with it. But I dont know if that alone will cure my modding itch. Its come to the point where I dont know if mods are going to effect my times on the course, or if I am doing them just for the sake of doing something. Do I just focus on driving skill this year? Try to get faster and embarrass people in an autotragic car? Or do I keep on going with the suspensions.

I dont know. It is something I am going to have to figure out in the next few weeks.
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  1. RockinVs's Avatar
    I hear ya.

    My poor auto magic feels the pain after every winter. Funny how I have been looking at things for her still. I'm just going to try and driver her until the 2 comes out. The bummer for you is the accident. Probably doesn't even feel the same anymore huh.